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Tooth loss, no matter how or why it occurs, can be quite unpleasant. It’s critical to choose a suitable replacement as soon as possible for your dental and general health. Dental implants are normally recommended for patients who are in good oral and overall health. Continue reading to learn more about this all-encompassing tooth replacement alternative, including how it works and whether you’re a good candidate.

Dental implants are the safest and most comfortable way to replace teeth that have been lost to decay, accident, or injury. Unlike other dental restorations for missing teeth, implants are embedded into bone, creating a strong and exceptionally durable support for replacement teeth.

Restoration Dentistry

A dental implant replaces the root of a lost tooth. It’s a tiny titanium post that’s implanted beneath the gums to create a stable foundation for the prosthetic tooth, or teeth, that’s attached on top. Dental implants fuse with your jawbone and eventually become one with your body because titanium stimulates bone tissue growth. They provide the greatest in stability after any amount of tooth loss in this way.

At La Costa Dental Group, we’re happy to support your health, comfort, and oral function with dental implants in Encinitas, CA. In severe cases we offer IV Sedation in a safe and efficient way for your comfort. We will make sure we get your overall oral health and smile back to 100%! Dental implants offer substantial advantages over traditional tooth replacement treatments, which solely replace the visible tooth structure without taking into account the vital supporting root. Schedule with our office today to see if dental implants are right for you.

Implant Placement and Restoration

For many patients seeking new teeth with dental implants, their treatment plan consists of visiting a few locations for care – their general dentist and their surgeon. At La Costa Dental Group, our Encinitas implant dentists keep all parts of your treatment plan in one location. We can both surgically place your dental implant and provide you with a permanent restoration, including implant crowns, bridges, and full-arch permanent dentures.

During implant placement surgery, our skilled dentists place the implant post (or faux tooth root) into bone in your jaw. This process, which may seem complex, is actually a quick surgical treatment that can be completed in less time than you imagine, depending on the number of implants that are recommended for your treatment plan. For anxious patients, we offer the benefit of IV sedation with your implant surgery. With sedation, you are placed into deep relaxation and will have no memory of your appointment.

Single Implants and Implant Dentures

Implants are capable of replacing one missing tooth, or all missing teeth in your smile. La Costa Dental Group provides smile restorations with any number of implant-supported teeth that you may need. Our treatment options include:

Single and Multiple Unit Restorations – For patients with sporadic tooth loss, or just one missing tooth, implant posts can be placed at the site of lost teeth and topped with tooth-colored dental crowns. If you have a small group of missing teeth, multiple implants can also be used to anchor a dental bridge.

Mini Implants and Snap-On Dentures – Solving total tooth loss with removable dentures is no longer your only option. The use of implants to anchor full dentures provides significant improvement in fit, feel, and function. Using a series of mini implants placed along a jaw arch, your full denture can be made to snap securely onto implant posts and can be removed easily for cleaning. Mini implants are often more affordable for cases where full mouth restoration with multiple implants is required.

Full-Arch Implant Dentures – Patients looking for implant dentures, who want a permanently secured restoration, can choose to have multiple, full-sized implants that anchor a full, non-removable denture. Full arch implant dentures provide the closest possible substitute for a full arch of lost teeth.

Our implant crowns, bridges, and dentures can be made with all-porcelain materials or can contain a metal base to accommodate our patients’ goals for life-like and durable teeth replacements. La Costa Dental Group is proud to serve a large population of senior patients and can help you swap your full, removable denture for the comfort and security of implant-supported dentures.

Learn about Dental Implants in Encinitas at La Costa Dental Group

Our team of experienced and friendly dentists can help you find the right solution for replacing missing teeth with dental implants. For more information about implant dentistry in Encinitas, CA, contact La Costa Dental Group today for your consultation.

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At La Costa Dental Group your dental health is our number one priority. Our team of dental professionals works diligently to build life-long, beautiful smiles. With our state of the art dental technology, our team strives to provide the best oral healthcare for you and your family.
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Merrilee Morgan
Merrilee Morgan
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I was introduced to this dental group two years ago and we have been extremely pleased with all aspects of their services from routine cleanings to tooth infections and extractions. Everyone is always friendly and helpful and answers all our questions. Unlike many dentists in the area they do not up-charge so their fees are reasonable. I very highly recommend this dental group!
Christine Hayes
Christine Hayes
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I have been going to La Costa Dental for many years. I've always been happy with the services I have received and the friendly and courteous attention of everyone I've encountered. I've never had an issue or problem. They are a great group of people!
Renee Mizell
Renee Mizell
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My family and I have been patients at the practice for 20+ years. The customer service is top notch, from the front office to the dentists. I always know I am in the best hands, no matter who I schedule a cleaning with. The addition of the orthodontist made the practice complete. It is a forward thinking practice with roots in family values.
Ginger Wilson
Ginger Wilson
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LaCosta Dental Group has been our family dentist for over 35 years. I feel fortunate to have found them when we first moved to North County. We have received nothing but professional and personal service from the entire staff.

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